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Aureo - Ora De Espana is a premium jewellery brand from Spain.

It's Muse is a modern wanderlust - independent, spirited and effortlessly sexy.




Identity and Branding, Packaging + Social 



Brand Development

For this premium jewellers they wanted a "modern vintage vibe". We explored this by simply searching what "modern vintage" meant. On our exploration we kept coming across fonts the were elegant, some with ligatures, thin strokes all looked very classic. With imagery, we came across models with a "wanderlust" vintage vibe, with shades of pastel pinks and beige.

With these findings, we chose fonts and a colour palette that captured the essence of this brand. Which is all about relaxed luxury. 


fashion model advertising luxury gold jewelry. beige aesthetic for young classic vintage inspired fashionistas and Influencers. Branding Identity and Logo Design
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