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5 Ways to boost your branding

For Branding zen. Follow these 5 trustworthy steps that set's your

business apart from the competition.

Working with a branding studio like us can boost your brand from drab to fab.


Creating a brand is more than just a logo. Branding identity creates brand awareness. Have all the catchy names, beautiful colour palettes and fabulous type. But without strategy you won’t grow.

A brand story should highlight your core values, objective, customer service and overall good energy.

There are a number of ways to get your brand story right. Having a website sets the tone of your company. Smart advertising that’s kick ass and stands out in your sector determines the rate of customers sales.


Do you know who you're selling too? Spending time creating fancy ads, social media content will not resonate unless you know your audience.

Finding your niche and understanding who your customers is, will make creating your brand identity a seamless process and a sustainable brand overall. By personalising your strategy, making it more accessible for your customers on various touch points will up your sales and generate growth.


It goes without saying having trust is the most important marketing factor. Having a clear and consistent marketing message will have more customer engagement.

Social media, direct marketing, magazine or any other forms of marketing. They all should contain a clear and consistent message. Content must correlate from platform to platform giving your brand credibility within your sector.


Us designers naturally love making things look good. But we have to use these powers wiseley. A well structured brand will consist of a cohesive colour palette, font family, logos and any other assets. Being consistent with your visuals and graphic elements will help your customers remember you and refer you onto others. This is strong brand positioning that customers will recognise you from a single colour or part of your logo alone


The entire point of branding is to make your customers think about your brand at the time of making a purchase decision. Retargeting and paid ads are a great way to make your brand appear in front of your target customers again and again. Google’s AdSense Auto ad shows the marketers the right place to publish your ads online. Google algorithms and machine learning technology help in automatically placing advertisements on websites that are best for increasing awareness. This makes your online ads reach your target audience providing your business with greater ROI.

Brand positioning in the market is significant in increasing the awareness and visibility of your brand. It makes your business stand out in the competition and make it unique and memorable for your customers. This helps your business in increasing sales and getting greater returns on investment. If your business is able to create a desired brand perception in the mind of your target customers, it is able to draw more customers to the sales funnel.

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