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5 reasons why you shouldn't use Canva or Fiverr to create your logos

Why using marketplace sites to create your logos are a bad idea.


Answering a few simple questions or having slide options does not cut it when it comes to creating a logo. A logo needs to last the test of time.

Designers need to research audiences, markets, competition etc. to create a long lasting, timeless logo.


If using Canva is template-based. You are sharing these templates with over 4 million other Canva users. By going down this road you are in danger of having a logo for your business that looks like someone else's. Who wants to look the same?!

Going to Fiverr or other competition sites you will be choosing "designers" that have a series of template based logos based on options like "Fun", "Girly", "Blue" etc. I mean, REALLY??!


Brand guidelines or style guides are an instruction manual on how a brand should be communicated. It contains the standards required to represent your brand correctly both internally and externally. For example if you partner with another business for a trade show, event or being featured in a publication. You forward your guidelines for the external user to utilize your logo in the correct format.


I get it, as a start-up you have zero to little money. These sites are cheap or even free. But in the long run you will more than likely have to pay a professional designer.


The most important reason why you should not use Canva in order to design a logo is due to the legal issues associated with this decision. This decision should take into account intellectual property rights and Canva’s own licensing agreement. Whether you have just started your business or are several years in, you need to take the steps to trademark your brand and establish ownership of it. However, using Canva for your logo won’t give you a legal right to own it. Canva will own your logo. In fact, Canva’s licensing agreement states that you are not allowed to use their key elements or features to create your logo.

If anything this last point alone should be reason why these sites should not be used if your are serious about your business.

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