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Branding Trends for 2022

Happy New Year People!

We are kicking off our first blog post of 2022 with what's trending in design for the coming year.

The Lab has rounded up some of the coolest branding trends for our fellow creatives to explore and add to your upcoming projects.

Take your time to enjoy our picks, and let us know on our socials what you think and if at all you agree or will be implementing them.

Peace + Love


Born from German Art School of the same name. Bauhaus rose to fame in the 20th Century. Embracing elements from art + industry. Adopting strong lines, sharp corners and geometric shapes.

Minimal and modern is the objective that adopts a functional feel. Often encompassing the retro style.




Bauhaus elements. Image from Pinterest


Climate change. Sustainability. It is firmly in our mainstream society. Eco messages are pretty much everywhere, from cars we drive to how we obtain our food to Greta berating grown ass men and women.

When it comes to design, we are used to seeing stripped back, minimal design with neutral colour palettes. Often paired with trees, and natural textures.

For 2022, however this common aesthetic is changing. A lot more creativity is going into the brand concept and design. Focussing on the way the brand operates and how it can more benefit society is key. whilst still having minimal design elements




Floral Street


Throwback is indeed back. From 80's neon, 90's bold illustrations and layouts to fashion bringing back the Y2K looks. Have you seen VOGUE Spring 2022 Collections.

In 2022 nostalgia is here. And what's not to love? Bright colours, collages, fun textures of foils, paper and plastic, strobe effects. It's got the lot!

It also allows for rule breaking. With unconventional text alignment, clashing colours and mixing fonts. Creatives in fashion and design can have a field day, reminding us of better times and opening up possibilities to a whole new generation.

By Themefire Fluffy textures available on Envato Elements

by eightonesix available on Envato Elements

By Andrew Timothy Available on Envato Elements

By zealab Available on Envato Elements


Here at ELR: THE DESIGN LAB we love a gradient. So good news for us and those who do. Gradients are being used in a fresh and modern way in 2022. If you want to add extra depth and dimension to your projects.

Aim to use 3 or more colours that are complementary, monochromatic or analogous.

For that wow factor play around with the angles. This gives amazing results, for example tri-angular as opposed to the more used linear and radial gradients.

By Kuro Available on Creative Market


As the WFM (Work from home) movement continues It's becoming more important for freelancers to make their personal brand stand out. More and more we are seeing abbreviated logos which gives a more unique quality to a brand. Using a singular character or two can make a big impact. Monograms are also versatile to use on multiple touchpoints that accompany the rest of your brand identity.

By Kakha Kakhadzen Refinements by David Dreiling

By Paper & Co.


Being kind or raising awareness should not be deemed as a trend. However with the current state of things more brands are becoming self aware. Drawing in customers to adopt a more kinder mindset for social issues and values to make a genuine positive change.

Today brands are informing their audience with how they are and intending to cut emissions to helping out developing countries. We hope this becomes the norm for all companies in the near future.

The Patagonia

By YummyDs Envato Elements

By Orion Walker Envato Elements

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