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I'm not expensive

Want to know why designers or agencies can be expensive? We break down some points for business owners to understand our pricing.


MONEY. It's always hot topic. Or seen as dirty word, or even embarrassing to some. But let's be honest, we all need money. It feeds us, clothes us and generally makes the world go round.

Bringing it back to design services. Graphic designers often get a lot of backlash for being too expensive.

Let's break it down: We are NOT “too expensive”.

Now we all know we can't someone who can provide the same thing cheaper. But if you are really looking at what's on offer you'll find out that the cheaper option isn't often the best.

This article is also a great read to understand our pricing.




On the contrary to what some believe designers do. It takes time to create the designs that you see. Platforms like Canva give the impression that you can create a logo for eg in minutes. WRONG. It takes weeks, for larger companies, it's months.


The more experienced the designer the more expensive there likely to be. Why? Because they've spent 10, 15, 20 plus years learning and working in design. Attended university, collages, internships to learn our craft inside out and still take courses to stay on top to create first class design.


Good design sets companies apart from their competitors. To understand this, extensive research is needed. No matter how large or small your business is, you need to research your market and audiences.


Similar to time, the length of a project is a factor why some designer's fees are higher than others. This can come down to workload and the experience of the designer. Moreover the length of the entire project itself.


We all know that cost of living has skyrocketed! Design agencies understand it's tough for business owners. But guess what we're business owners too. We all have the same bills etc. It is not cheap to run our computers, subscription to design softwares each month, resorches. Running a design business is expensive. So some agencies factor in for that too.

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