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Importance of a good logo.

Your logo is the single most important aspect of your business. It is your identity. Having it created by a professional is paramount in the success or failure of your brand.

The examples above are from well known 'graphic design' platform Canva.

Now whilst one can see the appeal for start-ups (logos, social media, web templates are free) there are major pitfalls.

The disadvantages are that these styles have zero strategy behind them.

No research has been done that relates to your business. Market research hasn't been conducted, so how can these logos possibly work for your brand in the important early stages?

Another point is the name of your company. What if the font being used in

an example doesn’t have the same look with your name? Another important issue is you need more than one logo.

A brand needs variants of the primary logo. One for social media, packaging, merchandise etc. Using these platforms do not allow for overall brand development.

Below are examples of logos created by ELR: THE DESIGN LAB.

Each of them have strong strategic research behind them. They connect to the customer and the market. This allows for an instant connection for customers and sustained longevity.

Need a well thought out logo?

Tap the link below to find out how we can help.

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